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Climate of the Limpopo River Basin

Climatic factors such as precipitation and temperature have perhaps the greatest influence on the distribution and availability of freshwater in a river basin, particularly in southern Africa. 

Due to its location in an area of transition between major climatic zones, the climate of southern Africa is variable.  The climate of the Limpopo River basin is affected by a series of different air-masses:

  • Dry continental tropical;
  • Marine western Mediterranean;
  • The equatorial convergence zone; and
  • Moist maritime sub-tropical eastern.

This portion of the Climate and Weather chapter proceeds to discuss the climate of the Limpopo River basin in terms of the following points:

The western portion of the Limpopo River basin is semi-arid, dry and hot.
Source: Ewan 2009
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Rains during the flooding of the Limpopo River basin in 2000.
Source: Humpheries 2000
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