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Resource Monitoring: Data and Monitoring Gaps  

Monitoring gaps are currently present within the Limpopo River basin. Various issues have been identified for the basin (LBPTC 2010):

  • The new river commission (LIMCOM);
  • Many water resource studies have been completed in the basin, however, they have been very locally or project specific focused in nature;
  • There are differences in data quality in each basin country due to economic constraints as well capturing data during periods of civil war, in Mozambique and Zimbabwe was not possible;
  • GIS data and the projection and coordinate systems combatibility is challenging among the countries and data conversion is onerous and time-consuming;
  • The majority of data and information in Mozambique is generally available in Portuguese requiring translation to allow for the data to be presented in one common language; and
  • Access to the internet in still challenging in Zimbabwe and parts of Mozambique.

Recommendations to provide a trans-boundary monitoring network include the following:

  • Ratification by all member countries of the LIMCOM river commission;
  • Completion of a comprehensive water resource and water quality basin specific study;
  • Provision of a single integrated data and information system for all water uses in the basin;
  • Comprehensive surface water and groundwater monitoring program consistent in quality throughout the basin;
  • Data should be compiled and analyzed in one consistent format and coordinate system; and
  • Data should be collected and presented in one language;
A comprehensive water quality monitoring program is a recommendation.
Source: DWA SA 2007
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